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Donate to Support Our Cause

Justice 4 Housing is a grassroots organization committed to end housing discrimination and homelessness for justice involved individuals. We advocate for policies that allow for a holistic, multi-faceted approach to ending homelessness, incarceration, and cycles of violence by providing continuance of care and much-needed community support to justice involved individuals and their families. 

Our organization advocates without end for change to the harmful policies that put significant barriers to obtaining important resources like housing, healthcare, etc. We have a handful of innovative programs designed to break down systemic barriers that destabilize minority communities. 

Hands on Defense (HOD) 
Stabilization Emergency Assistance (SEA) 
Affordable Stable Housing (ASH) 
Speaker, Education, Awareness, & Mentorship (SEAM) 
Please visit www.justice4housing.org to learn more about our programs. 

And it doesn’t stop there. We have partnered with Harvard Law School and are excited to announce the release of our report, Far From Home: Reducing Barriers to Subsidized Housing for People with Criminal Records in Massachusetts. With the release of our report, starts our Far From Home Campaign. This year-long campaign will consist of community outreach, Town Hall Sessions, advocacy.

Your donation will ensure that we can continue to fund those directly affected, with stipends, incentives, and transportation.

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