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Our Intiative

Our F ar From Home Steering Committee consist of like minded organizations, the Boston Housing Authority, housing attorneys , legislators, health care professionals, social workers, housing specialist and most importantly directly affected individuals who have been impacted the most , 


The Steering Committee's goal is to dismantle current archahic Public Housing Policies and replace them with our 12 policy recommendations below.  We will advocate for local policy change on the municipal level. Weather that entails City Ordinances or internal "discretionary" un-written policies that Housing Authorities use to exclude justice-involved individuals from accessing public housing.  

Our campaign is a long term goal of 1 -4 years.  

  • Town Halls

  • Listening Sessions

  • Community Outreach

  • Social Media Campaign

  • Door Knocking

  • Events

Taking on one Housing Authority in numerous county's throughout the Commonwealth. 

Our linch-pin, the Boston Housing Authority is the perfect model of "what different looks like" . They are leading the way to systemic change.  We are hoping other Housing Authorities

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1. Allow People on Parole or Probation Access to Subsidized Housing


3. Limit Background Checks to Convictions, Not Arrests


5.  Ensure that all JIIs with Proposed Denials, Terminations, and Evictions Have Representation


 7. Curb the Unjustified Use of No Visit No Reside Agreements


9. Further Reduce the Lookback Period for CORIs


11. Support Local "Fair Chance" Ordinances and Adopt Similar Policies 

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2. Limit Relevant Criminal History Checks


4. Conduct Neutral, Holistic Investigations Before Denying Applicants or Proposing Voucher Terminations


6. Enact Policies to Support the Reunification of Families in Subsidized Housing


8. Set Aside a Number of Units for Justice-Involved Individuals PHAs have

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10. Automatically Expunge Eligible CORI’s and Support CORI Reform


12. Improve Data Collection on Justice-Involved Applications and Terminations

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